New generation maps

Why read conventional maps when you can experience a High 5 Edition map?
Discover the new generation maps: The all-purpose «Paper Backup»,
which when used in combination with a smartphone makes for a fantastic travel-planning tool.

By taking advantage of the accompanying augmented reality app, this novel map gives you direct access to useful travel information. Destination ratings, city information, weather forecasts and so much more - everything at a single click and without the time-consuming need to search for information yourself from various sources. In addition, personal photos can be projected on the maps. This allows the map to act as personal travel diary.

The digital world has many advantages. So too do conventional maps. And it is for precisely this reason that we have put together a hybrid product that combines all of the advantages of both modern and conventional maps. High 5 Edition Maps allow direct access to the wealth of information available online whilst retaining the clarity of conventional maps.

And the best part: The new maps don't cost more than traditional maps, though they are capable of so much more.

The High 5 Edition Map-Collection

Interactive Mobile ROADMAP Collection

A series of 8 street maps of popular European countries: Robust, water resistant, and quite clear.

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#samecostbutdoesmore #interactive #whatsnotonthemapisintheapp

Interactive Mobile CITYMAP Collection


A series of 8 city maps of popular cities: Fit perfectly in every handbag or pocket and are both robust and water resistant.

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#samecostbutdoesmore #interactive #whatsnotonthemapisintheapp

Interactive Mobile ATLAS Europe


All of Europe on 432 pages, equipped with various travel topics: Information about the various countries, overview of city centres of the most important cities, overview of the main lines of public transportation and so much more.

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#interactive #whatsnotonthemapisintheapp

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