1. Latest version

Make sure you have the latest version of the app:

2. Choose map / add new map

You can add a new map by clicking on “Choose map” and then on “add map”. Please scan now the cover of your map to add it.

Once a product is added, it appears in the list of your maps. Choose your product by clicking on it.

3. Choose function and scan

Please click on “Start”. Choose the desired function by clicking on the menu in the upper right corner. Then you can start scanning.

Scan from a distance of about 10-15 cm. The best way to scan is when you hold your device horizontally. Ensure that you hold your phone steady. It works best when you slowly move your smartphone away from the product.

Ensure that you have internet access and when using the «Where am I?» function that you have enabled your location. For «Photos», check that you have okayed app access.

4. Points of interest

As soon as the map section is recognized, points of interest are being displayed as little red flags. Click on it to read more about the desired point of interest on Wikipedia or Tripadvisor or to navigate to the point of interest via Google Maps.

If there are many flags in a small area, click on the pins to fold them in. In this way it is possible to see also hidden points of interest.

5. Weather

As soon as the map section is recognized, a hand is appearing. Click on the desired location in your screen to see the weather forecast for today and the two following days.


6. Where am I?

As soon as the map section is recognized, a blue man is appearing. It shows your current position on the map. Make sure you have enabled your location.

7. Search

You can look for locations using the search field at the top of the screen (there are required at least 3 letters). Choose the desired location, scan any section of the map and the app will guide you there. The location is shown as a blue pin.

8. Campsites and motorhome sites

In the camping function you have the possibility to filter the displayed sites according to your needs. Campsites are shown as yellow pins in the map and motorhome sites as blue pins. Sites which offer both, campsites and motorhome sites, are shown as orange pins.

Click on the pin to fold out the flag. Click on the flag to see the address of the site and to find more information about the site by getting forwarded to, where you find detailed descriptions and guest reviews. You can also navigate to the site via Google Maps by clicking on the icon or add the address of the site to your contacts by clicking on the business card.



If you have any questions, please contact: